Case Study:


Vibe is a New Zealand based product company simplifying visual communications for New Zealand businesses. Vibe’s products transform customers’ internal communications (visually) with a fully-managed automated communication platform that connects, engages and inspires.


Vibe uses Azure Cloud stack to develop and deliver their products. The only thing missing in Vibe’s stack was a system to give continuous feedback against existing features on new releases. The main concern at the time was figuring out how to develop a continuous testing system with automated tests, that can then integrate with Microsoft Azure Pipelines to provide full transparency and visibility to the whole team.

  • During the first few days NIMBAL implemented the test automation product suite and then helped Vibe write automated tests.
  • NIMBAL then worked with Vibe’s DevOps team to seamlessly add NIMBAL products as artifacts into Azure Pipelines. Vibe automated testing was working within the first week, enabling their product team to get continuous feedback on all deployments.
  • Using NIMBAL Tree, all automated tests were set up in the management portal where the organisation can see the new tests, recordings and analytics.

Starting from scratch, implementing test automation for Vibe took 2 weeks. This included running automation in Azure Pipelines and importing all tests into the NIMBAL Tree test management portal.



The implementation of test automation with our products, has increased Vibe’s executive and customer confidence. now has a system in place that can automate tests, provide continuous feedback, integrate with Microsoft Azure Pipelines and enable full transparency and visibility of the whole process to the team at Vibe.

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